How The Body Can React to Garlic Allergies?

Food allergies are some of the most common allergies there are; garlic allergies are no exception. An allergic reaction to garlic can occur not only when someone consumes garlic or garlic powder, but if someone breathes it in. While symptoms of a garlic allergy can be either mild or severe, most people who are allergic will experience one or more of them. Those who are allergic to garlic should avoid it at all costs, but should they come into contact with it they should seek medical attention immediately.

Upset Stomach

When someone who is allergic to garlic consumes it an upset stomach may occur. It’s common for someone to feel nausea and in some extreme cases have vomiting or diarrhea. While these symptoms aren’t severe in most cases if vomiting or diarrhea continues, if the symptom occurs for a prolonged period of time, the body can become dehydrated.


Flatulence is more commonly known as gas. It may be accompanied by bloating, swelling, or an upset stomach. There are over the counter medications like Maalox, GasX, and Beano that can help relieve any discomfort pertaining to this symptom.


Rhinitis is more commonly known as a runny nose. It’s a mild symptom that can appear from an allergic reaction to garlic. The allergic reaction can cause slight swelling within the nose causing excessive amounts of mucus to be produced. Rhinitis normally goes away on its own, but a doctor can be consulted if the symptom continues for long lengths of time.

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are common with all types of allergic reactions and may be mild or severe. A mild rash may be light pink in color, hot to the touch, and itch. Rashes normally go away on their own and Hydracortisone cream can be purchased to help ease the itching. In more severe allergic reactions hives may appear. Hives can appear both from consuming and inhaling garlic or garlic powder. They are swollen, red bumps and can vary in size. Normally about the size of a pencil eraser, when they are close together they can connect to form large patches known as plaques. Hives are extremely itchy and sometimes can burn or sting. They normally only last a few hours, but can last up to one day. While waiting for them to go away, cold compresses can be used to ease any discomfort.

Inflammation of the Skin

Inflammation is a basic way the body reacts to irritation or injury. People irritated by garlic allergies may see inflammation on their skin. It will be characterized by redness, warmth, swelling, and sometimes even pain. Unlike a skin rash, inflammation won’t have small bumps of any kind. Inflammation will go away on its own, however, Ibuprofen can be used to help with the swelling and the pain.